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Keep Gaia Wild

Gaia (/ˈɡaɪ.ə/) : Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life.

Help reduce our daily use of plastics. This is for the dreamers. The ones who believe in a future filled with lush green forests and gigantic trees, blue oceans and colorful coral, flourishing wildlife and plenty to explore. This one is for all those who care – care about giving future generations the chance to experience this wild and wonderful world. This one is for you, for me and for Gaia.

Founders Charlie & Ali

After leaving behind the 9 to 5 grind of city life, Charlie set out on a journey of self-discovery. She found herself in paradise, tucked away in a small town in Costa Rica. It was there that she fell in love with the ocean and all the wonders of the underwater world.

It wasn’t long before she found her soulmate in Costa Rica – a 4 legged sidekick named Ali. Like Charlie, Ali too shares a love for the ocean and adventure.

With so much time spent freediving and spearfishing, Charlie quickly became disheartened as she found so much of the marine life in distress.  Fish were caught up in discarded plastic bags, manta rays were struggling in fishing line and plastic utensils and straws littered the ocean floor. This ignited her passion to find a solution to eliminate single-use plastics

Charlie discovered it was not so easy transitioning from the convenience of single-use plastics like grocery bags, plastic straws and throw-away cups, to environmentally-sustainable and available alternatives.

In her efforts to find solutions, Keep Gaia Wild was born. Portable, zero-waste kits with everything you need to become more environmentally conscious. People helping people to better the world, and to keep Gaia wild.

WHAT are Gaia kits?

kits created to change the world!

The first of their kind, designed with you and the planet in mind.
Every item in a Gaia kit was specifically chosen to replace the most common and convenient of single-use plastics.
Each kit is designed to be compact and portable,  making the transition to a more eco-friendly lifestyle, an easier one.

Zero-Waste Kit

The essential tools needed on your journey to zero waste.

Festival Kit

Have a waste free festival experience.

Total Hero Kit

The complete kit for zero waste Earth Heroes.
Our Collaborators
Companies that have collaborated with us in our efforts to keep Gaia wild:
Kits in THE Wild

From city slicker to ocean pioneer, it takes a community to keep Gaia wild.
Tag us on social media @keepgaiawild to join the movement!

Together We Can Keep Gaia Wild

We want to encourage a lifestyle free from single-use plastics, by equipping the world with the tools they need to take action. But we cannot do it alone. It is going to take a village to educate, empower and inspire change.